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My first fanfic posted!!! - Deadwood Slash [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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My first fanfic posted!!! [Jan. 12th, 2006|07:59 pm]
Deadwood Slash


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Here's a story i wrote with Doc Cochran and a mystery guy! I hope you guys like it. Its my first fanfic i have eva posted so please be nice ;)

"Not so Average Night in Deadwood"
Paring: Doc Cochran and ??
Rating: R
Warning: sex scenes , profanity (of course your reading a fu**ing deadwood fanfic!)
Author’s Note: If you don’t like the pairing, don’t blame me, blame a certain TV-movie done in 1978 about a psycho cult leader. If you watch it you’ll know what I mean ;)
Disclaimer: I don’t own these characters they belong to David Milch and Deadwood belongs to the history books.

‘Oh my god’
That’s what he said when I entered him for the very first time. Amos Cochran,
This damned camps doctor. How he has decided to live here so long is beyond me, caring for the whores every fucking day it would drive any sane man crazy. But yet he still goes on like its just an average job.
I looked Into those beautiful blue eyes of his, wondering how I got so lucky. I mean, I'm a pretty powerful man in this camp, and can have almost anyone I desire, but I never thought id be fucking the great Doc Cochran. He’s different from everyone else, he doesn’t care about money, or sex or anything selfish like that. All he cares about is the well being of other people. Even people he doesn't know, heck I don’t think he even cares about himself half the time. He puts people first. Normally I hate people like that. You cant control them, cant bribe them, but the docs different, somehow I don’t know how he just is.
Maybe its those eyes of his. Blue as the ocean, they are almost magical. Or maybe its that smile that only a very select few see. He doesn’t smile enough, but in a rough world like this what’s there to smile about.
I grunt as I start to move inside him, watching he’s eyes flutter shut in pleasure. I thrust harder, faster feeling my orgasm building. He smiled and I knew he was close too.
I don’t think either of us thought we’d end up like this. It all just started as a routine visit to let me know how the whores are faring. He sat at my desk, as he usually does, and had a drink of whisky as he was telling me about how one of the damned whores who’s name I never gave a fuck remembering, had taken ill with a pussy infection. Most of this with the exception of the sick whore was so normal, but this night wasn’t normal. And I think we both started to realize that when I asked about his well fare. I don’t know why I asked that, it was like my mouth was talking but my brain wasn’t working. Maybe I got distracted with those eyes of his. He looked surprised, and I don’t blame him. I was about to come up with a sleazy excuse for asking such a stupid question, when he replied, ‘I'm fine, thank you, getting on with my years but other then that I'm doing well.’ Then he smiled that damned smile of he’s and that was the nail in the coffin. I was captured, damn if he told me to jump my fucking balcony I would of. I smile back praying to god that I he didn’t notice I was blushing. I was at a loss for words and they was a silence and I was sure he would leave. I had to say something, anything! Anything to stop him from leaving, I just wanted to be with him just a little longer. It had be a long time since I had felt this way about anyone. Later when I have time to think about this I would realize what a mistake it was to feel this way. But at the moment I didn’t care. I'll have time to think about it later but at the moment I had to just think of something to say to stop him from leaving. Then a question came to me. And I realized it was a question I had been wanting to ask him for a very long time.
‘Doc why do you stay in a fucked up place like this, when there must be better jobs out there then caring for fucking whores’
The doc looked surprised again then said, ‘I don’t know, something just draws me here and I cant leave’
‘And what would that be doc, I know you don’t care about money and fucking and anything a normal person would be drawn too’, I said smoothly ‘ so what would it be, a chance to expand your medical horizons?’ I laugh. Then a thought came to me ‘Love?’
Doc looked startled and I realized that but latter question was true.
‘Ahh, so it’s a lady that calling you huh?’ I laughed again
He mumbled ‘not a lady’ and I gasped, and the silence was so great you could here a pin drop. He quickly got up to leave saying he had to go. I yelled at him to stop and quickly ran over to the door where the doc already was.
‘Don’t leave’ I said and before I could stop myself my mouth was on his capturing it in a sweet kiss. As soon as he returned the kiss I quickly dragged him to the bedroom where we almost literally ripped each other clothes off. Soon we were naked as the day we were born, hard as hell, but our lips never left each others. I grabbed the small bottle of lube sitting on my bedside table and slicked up my prick which lead to the position we are in now.
One more look into those now open eyes and I came, harder than I have in a long time, with him following, feeling his warm release on my chest and stomach.
I pulled out of him and we just lay next to each other, breathless for a long while. Finally he got up, got dressed and left with a slight smile on his face. I smiled back knowing that the mystery man who as been keeping him in this damned camp is me, hoping that maybe one day, if the situation was better, we could make it more. But for now it will be just a night, something I must try and forget . I must forget, too much is at stake if we are found out, id lose my power, people wont be scared, intimidated by me. That is something I cant lose. But he, well I'm not sure he will soon forget. Forget this night of passion and indeed love that he spent with the man of his dreams, Cy Tolliver.

[User Picture]From: leia_nog
2006-02-09 03:36 am (UTC)
Obviously NOONE liked the paring or the story...ah well!!
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From: (Anonymous)
2006-02-09 04:16 am (UTC)

guess who

man that was awesome, i think it did a little for me also, u have a great mind
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