Deadwood Slash

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This is a slash fanfiction and discussion community for HBO's Deadwood.

Community guidelines:
  • Place all episode spoilers behind a cut tag to allow everyone to see the episodes unspoiled if they so choose.

  • Historical events are not considered spoilers. However, putting them behind a cut tag would be very considerate, to allow those who don't wish to be spoiled the choice whether or not to read your post at that time.

  • If you read posts about episodes that you haven't seen yet, don't whine when you find out something that you may not want to know.

  • Place stories behind a cut tag, with enough info outside the tag so people know what sort of story it is and who it's about.

  • No real person (RPS)/actor slash, icons or anything. Only fic based on the characters as they're shown on the show is allowed. (A fine line, true, considering many of the characters are historical people, but still.)

  • On-topic posts for this community include: fanfiction, fanfic announcements, fanfic discussion, Old West history and information, episode discussion, etc.

  • No off-topic posts.

The community moderator is Aithine (aithine); please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. :)